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Volume 90, Issue 77

Tuesday, February 11, 1997



Kevin Mol


  • lengthy experience within the USC
Feasibility of ideas
  • a lot of his ideas rest on a question of "how much will it cost?" : speakers corner booth, telephone hotline for student concerns, USC exam bank on-line, Internet café at The Wave, changing programing at TV Western, bringing tapes of TV Western programing to residences
  • a lot of his ideas have already been implemented: academic programs during orientation, course professor evaluations on-line, reduce cost of orientation kit
  • concepts are vague and he doesn't offer suggestions as to implementation
  • he is approachable and people trust him
  • he is visible and comes across as just an average guy
  • he seems genuine and has the experience to lead but he doesn't seem overly confident in public speaking situations
  • his stance is not firm and therefore he often fails to be convincing
  • with his experience, it is expected his ideas would be better thought out

  • did someone say original?

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