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Volume 90, Issue 77

Tuesday, February 11, 1997



Ryan Parks


  • he has a plethora of experience
  • is the most experienced candidate
Feasibility of ideas
  • he has done extensive research and combined with his experience he has developed a solid platform
  • good idea to run a student candidate on a platform of post-secondary education in the next federal election as a means of advertising student concerns
  • he has a grasp on what he is proposing and does not waste the time of students by suggesting unrealistic ideas
  • has researched a shuffle in the makeup of the vice-president portfolios which seems reasonable and will not upset the voting balance of the board
  • very well-rounded due to his experience working with both students and the administration
  • he is extremely approachable and has an obvious concern for students and their future
  • an honest and straightforward speaker who addresses the question rather than using political clichés to escape
  • has shown a sense of humour and a personable side when it was appropriate
  • has new, but well-researched ideas such as a Maclean's commissioner

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