Volume 90, Issue 77

Tuesday, February 11, 1997



Mark Smiley


  • has some experience within the university but nothing extensive with the USC
Feasibility of ideas
  • innovative idea of a educational foundation where the USC sponsors bingos, casinos and lotteries to raise money for scholarships
  • ideas in his literature are vague
  • interesting idea of including alumni in orientation
  • there are holes in his literature and parts of it make him appear uneducated on certain issues
  • his leadership skills were highlighted in the fight to keep Medway Hall a single-sex residence
  • he seems approachable and sincere in his commitment to students
  • he has adjusted well to the political scene over the duration of the campaign
  • the nonchalance in campaign has made him very likeable
  • his educational foundation is very original
  • unique presentation of himself
  • innovative idea to suggest the debating society give presentations to show all sides of an issue

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