Volume 90, Issue 77

Tuesday, February 11, 1997



Brush regularly and vote Yes

By Karena Walter
Gazette Staff
"For the money, you're getting the Ferrari of dental plans."

A new dental plan will fill a cavity for students, according to Justin Lalonde, a University Students' Council councillor lobbying for the Yes side in the dental referendum.

A question asking whether students support a dental plan not exceeding $125 will be on the election ballot tomorrow and Thursday. There needs to be a 20 per cent voter turn-out or the issue will be null and void.

Lalonde said students are getting a lot for their $125. Cleanings would be covered 100 per cent by the plan while 75 per cent of the cost of wisdom teeth extractions would be covered.

Most people not covered by dental plans are people who come from economically-disadvantaged backgrounds, he said. "It helps people who need it the most."

The bigger the group that signs onto the dental plan, the cheaper the price for all students. Individual insurance is more expensive than group insurance, Lalonde said.

Students will be able to opt up to three different levels of coverage and the higher the premiums the better coverage. "With the premiums students are taking, no one is taking the students to town."

If students have existing dental coverage they can opt out of the plan or if they know they need a lot of work done they can add it to their parents' plans.

Lalonde said the option to opt down and save an extra $25 is not as bad as the No side says it is. The dentists in the managed dental care system are qualified and respected in the community.

The majority of students will stay within the plan though, because they can take it anywhere in the country, Lalonde said. And it also benefits out-of-province students.

"Your teeth are never a guarantee."

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