Volume 90, Issue 77

Tuesday, February 11, 1997



Chew on other options

By Karena Walter
Gazette Staff
"Even with a Ferrari you can get a lemon."

The new dental plan proposed by the University Students' Council is a sore spot for Brad Johnston, the No side co-ordinator for the upcoming referendum.

Johnston said he has been to other schools that have dental plans and has heard some horror stories.

One of the concerns Johnston has is the dental plan is going to referendum too soon. He said the USC should have done more research and comparisons with different schools that have a dental plan.

Although the plan looks good on paper, the ability of students to opt down to a managed dental care system instead of a fee-for-service system for $25 less is another concern for Johnston. When students opt out they are opting out of making their own choices, he said. As well the coverage limit is $500.

Under the managed care system students have to go to a selected dental centre and the possibility dentists may operate in their own self-interests could be a problem.

"It's like opting down from a sedan to a bicycle."

The $125 is a fairly substantial increase in tuition fees as well, Johnston said. "For me, it comes down to economics."

The possibility of universal dental care someday is an idea Johnston favours more and would be cheaper for students.

"Too many groups stand to gain financially who are not students [from this plan]."

But despite campaigning for the cause since the beginning of the month, neither the Yes or No sides can answer how many visits students can make under the plan. "I don't think anyone is really sure," Johnston said. "No one can give me specific numbers.

"What you see is not necessarily what you may get."

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