Volume 90, Issue 77

Tuesday, February 11, 1997




Queen B

While the focus on main campus is centred around the University Students' Council presidential elections, students at Brescia College are already getting used to a new leader.

Second-year sociology student Amy Babcock was elected president of the affiliate college Feb. 5. Eager to get started in her new position, she has already begun working with the current president to learn all the ins and outs of life as a student leader.

Among the numerous ideas she intends to implement, Babcock expressed interest in having more communication with the USC as she feels Brescia has been overlooked in the past. "Basically, I want more people to get to know Brescia and what we are really about, aside from all the myths that go along with being at an all-girls college," she said.

In order to promote awareness of the college, Babcock said she will encourage main campus media involvement at Brescia throughout the year. "I want Brescia students to feel like they are an integral part of the Western community and Western to feel the same about us!"

– Gillian Judkins

A fine line

A new candidate has taken the lead in the race for disqualification.

Kevin Mol was fined 10 demerit points and $80 on Friday. Five points were given for campaigning in an unauthorized area and another five points for campaigning without a candidate.

The new fines bring Mol's total up to 29 which is well past the former leader, Saj Butt, who still sits at 20.

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