Volume 90, Issue 78

Wednesday, February 12, 1997



Clearing up misconceptions

Re: Studying proposals to enhance academic excellence, Feb. 7

To the Editor:

I am writing to clear up two errors that occurred in the Feb. 7 issue of The Gazette. Specifically in the article, "Studying proposals to enhance academic excellence."

In that article it stated with regards to, Kevin Mol's proposal for developing a university-wide shadow program where students can couple classroom knowledge with hands-on experience, that I said "There aren't any programs like it at other schools."

The tone of the article would indicate that I don't think it is possible for the reason that no other schools do it. That wasn't my intention or my words since I have no idea whether or not other schools have a similar program. From a discussion that I have had with Kevin since the article was printed, it is evident that he has looked into the feasibility of such a program.

There is one other quote that was erroneous. The Gazette said that "Mol's plan to develop academic programs during Orientation Week is also a concept which was already in place." The issue has been confused, the proposal for a reduction in the price of orientation kits is in place and ready to be passed with or without Kevin's approval, but as of yet there is no proposal for new academic programs, which the article referred to.

During a two-week presidential campaign, all candidates are exposed to criticism and scrutiny, while the students of Western determine who will be their next USC president. The issues should come out, that is not in question, but all members of the community should be educated on the issues, facts, and what is really said before casting their vote today or tomorrow. I hope that I have provided some clarity on what some of the facts are in this campaign, so that candidates are not judged wrongly.

Scott Sullivan
USC Vice-President Student Affairs

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