Volume 90, Issue 78

Wednesday, February 12, 1997



A Graham of rebuttals

re: USC elections centrespread, Feb. 10

To the editor:

Nice centrespread and editorial. I think Ryan will do a great job. In

general I think it was very well done and accurate, with a few exceptions.

I have heard there is a possibility of a rebuttal for the centrespread.

Whether there is or not, I would like to address a few issues: Experience: I have the most experience not the other person mentioned. Feasibility of ideas: You seem to be questioning the bus pass idea. I agree it has been brought up before, but I don't think anyone else has put as much planning or effort into the program as I have.

1) Did The Gazette contact LTC to determine the feasibility?

2) Did The Gazette talk to Dave or notice that we have decided in principle at a council meeting to bring this issue to referendum in October with by-elections?

3) Have you seen the timeline for the project?

I think that if there were Gazette doubts (as there are) with this project, it would be the responsibility of the journalist to investigate the current situation instead of saying that because it didn't happen last year, it might not happen this year.

What about my school year job fair/prospects idea, it wasn't even touched. Did The Gazette speak with the Mayor of London?

I understand your take on the bad judgement issue. And it is important that students were informed, A mistake I will always regret. However, this year The Gazette has prided itself on covering the platform and its importance. I don't think my platform was considered seriously, I think the majority of coverage was on character (which is important) I just don't feel that my ideas have been treated as fairly as others have.

Anyway, if you do decide to investigate my platform and decide that it is in fact feasible, I'm writing to ask that you increase my star rating to 3.5. I think it is fair to say that I lost a star and a half for poor judgement and personal presentation.

Scott Graham

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