Volume 90, Issue 78

Wednesday, February 12, 1997



Leadership? Saj has the goods

Re: election centrespread

To the editor:

This year's University Students' Council presidential campaign has brought to light a number of issues about which students at Western should concern themselves. The candidates are all capable individuals and, up until recently, The Gazette, has reported their ideas and histories accurately. However, something important has been overlooked.

Yesterday's Gazette centrespread was a full-page layout describing the candidates who are running for USC president. I was disappointed to see that either The Gazette staff is uninformed or are unaware of the word leadership. Of all the candidates running for president, I happen to only have personal knowledge of one – Saj Butt. Yesterday The Gazette stated that Saj has a lack of leadership experience. Perhaps you should consider the following.

1) Saj is a residence don at Medway Hall – the position is the highest student position in residence life. Does this not require leadership?

2) Saj was the president of the Western Indo-Canadian Students' Association last year. I am surprised that The Gazette does not consider this leadership.

3) Saj runs his own company. For anyone who has ever been in business, they know just how much leadership that requires.

As students at Western, we've all chosen different avenues of involvement in our school. What gives The Gazette the right to completely ignore the truth? Saj has a great deal of leadership. He has shown in his past that he has the administrative and leadership skills to be the USC president.

I would urge all students reading this newspaper to get informed and vote for the candidate you feel best suited to do the job. When you make your choice, look for the candidate who wants to improve the system so that the promises you have heard can become reality. Consider all the facts, choose the candidate who can make the changes you want. Often that person is a new face.

Jonathan Ruby
Political science II

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