Volume 90, Issue 78

Wednesday, February 12, 1997



Brushing up on the dental plan

Re: Dental plan

To the editor:

I would like to express my concerns and provide some important facts concerning the issue of the proposed dental plan to be voted on in the upcoming referendum. The question may seem straightforward, "Would you like a dental plan at a cost not to exceed $125?" However, there are a few things that everybody should be aware of before they cast their votes.

1. The current plan design provides good coverage for maintenance but ignores the need for major services. It's like getting car insurance that covers oil changes but no collision. 2. The dental needs of a majority of the student population are relatively small, including a checkup and cleaning once a year. These services can be provided by any dentist for a fee of up to $80 or by Western's dental school for only $40. 3. If you cannot or forget to provide proof of existing dental coverage you have to pay the $125 premium every year.

Another important problem is the option to "opt down" to a managed dental plan. Managed dental care violates our basic rights to choice of a dentist, restricting us to treatment by dentists chosen by an insurance company. Managed dental care violates the Ontario Dental Associations' code of ethics. Currently, a dental network doesn't even exist. Would you pay for a car that you have never seen before?

I hope this information helps you to make an informed decision on this issue and I encourage everybody to get out and vote.

John Miller
Dentistry II

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