Volume 90, Issue 79

Thursday, February 13, 1997



Black history or our history?

Today's feature is more of an exercise. It was designed for the reader to evaluate assumptions and concepts which underlie questions and statements made in work places, schools, in the general population and between friends.

Please place yourself in the position of the person being asked the following questions or statements made by someone you have encountered only once or twice. What messages are conveyed? What are the assumptions that have been made ?

Question 1
Do you wash your hair?

Question 2
As a black person, how do black people generally feel about. . . ?

Question 3
Where are you from? Where are your great grandparents from?

Question 4
Your family must be proud that one of you is going to university!

Question 5
My good friend is black and he/she does not get offended when I say. . .

Question 6
This weather must be hard on you? I mean growing up in a tropical climate. . .

The historically-recorded contributions of blacks to the world, to their countries, to their communities. . . Is the inclusion of and knowledge about these facts the right of every individual or a privilege extended by the community only to those who define themselves as black?

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