Volume 90, Issue 80

Friday, February 14, 1997

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Dental plan too filling

By Kevin Gale and Karena Walter
Gazette Staff

The dental plan was extracted from being added to the student activity fee yesterday when students voted to nix the plan.

The final tally was 2,938 votes against to 1,849 in favour.

"I'm obviously disappointed because I think it would have been beneficial for students to have it," said Ben Thornton, a co-ordinator of the Yes campaign.

He said he was happy that the Yes side got as many votes as it did because the University Students' Council made it seem like it was an option that was not worth considering.

Justin Lalonde, a Yes side's co-ordinator, said he was extremely happy with the result because students were able to voice their opinion. "Who could say they're wrong as long as they made an informed decision."

Lalonde said when they started the Yes campaign people questioned whether they would even get 10 per cent of the vote. However, they couldn't have done more to inform students. "I think people voted because they really didn't want a dental plan."

The amount of money students have to pay for a plan may have been a factor in the decision but the plan was the cheapest available, Lalonde said. "Perhaps dental coverage is too expensive for students."

"I'm glad students made the right decision – I'm overjoyed actually," said Brad Johnston, co-ordinator of the No side.

Johnston said he felt the price of the dental plan was the deciding factor in the referendum. "There was too much mental gymnastics," he said. "I think a lot of the bells and whistles drove the price through the ceiling."

Students wanted a plan that was simple and concise, Johnston said. He added the $125 dollars was an economic strain for students and they seemed to agree with him.

"The general feeling I got was that it was a bad idea," he said.

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