Volume 90, Issue 80

Friday, February 14, 1997

Show Pony


The best of the rest

Hiding in the shadows of the bright lights and big stars of the University Students' Council presidential race were several smaller stars vying to represent students from various faculties on council.

As the results came through, it was discovered there is a tie between the two 13th place social science divisional representatives, Brad Johnston and Aili Schachner. "They will probably request a recount," chief returning officer James Deans said. "That is fine – I expect that."

Deans added if a recount is done and it is found the numbers stand, the results will be resolved by a coin toss for which Deans will do the honours. "It is outlined in the [election] bylaws," he said. "It's a pretty sophisticated system – but even in the federal and municipal elections they all have simple systems to resolve ties."

Divisional Results

Social Science (13 to be elected)
Peter Ash 491
John Bayliss 433
Amy Caldwell 593
Nadeem Dhalla 435
Veer Gidwaney 396
Nick Iozzo 443
Brad Johnston 394(tie)
Justin Lalonde 444

Arti Panday 366
Michael Rubinoff 627
Aili Schachner 394(tie)
Brett Slade 478
David Small 438
Jennifer Tuck 465
Robert Walker 428

Paul Wieleba 365



Rowl Chan
Peter Hill
Valerie Vojnic

Geoff Herzog

Yakeen Ghany
Mohammad Zebian

Rumana Alam

Stephanie Horsley

Farzan Ali
Efrem Mandelcorn
Jon Berger
Vikram Ralhan
Russ Viire
Melissa Cousineau
Birinder Singh

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