Volume 90, Issue 81

Tuesday, February 18, 1997



Hey USC! What have you done for me lately?

Re: USC elections

To the Editor:

Well, yet again we had the annual farce called the USC elections. I've participated in the last five elections as a concerned student and each year I've watched another president come and go. These are people who can't keep their promises because they don't know what they're getting into, presidents who do nothing but rub elbows with the elite, succumb to the puppet strings and collect student money for their efforts.

Why, in a time when education cutbacks are rampant, is money constantly being pulled from the classroom for expensive renovations to the University Community Centre? Why did we as students foot the bill for the UCC to be renovated year after year to build the current shopping mall configuration on the lower level? If this was in the works, it should have been put in the plans before the USC betrayed the students and signed the deal. One has to wonder. . . what next?

The current USC president's only contribution for the year seems to be the new USC logo. I'm glad I paid for such a worthwhile project through my student fees. I didn't really need to eat for the month of January anyway.

What did the candidates have to offer us this year – a seat on the food services committee? Last time I looked, food services was a privately-run operation with no ties to the USC. Hmmm. . . has someone even looked into the facts? Other claims were full of the usual general statements that all politicians make: ensure more effective student voices, etc. The theme that runs through is this: "I've been involved with student politics and I really like it. I have no idea what I want to do but vote for me so that you can pay me to continue to hang around with these folks."

I hope you voted responsibly. . . it's your money.

Dave Parkes
Education I

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