Volume 90, Issue 81

Tuesday, February 18, 1997



Parks wastes no time putting presidential wheels in motion

By Donna MacMullin
Gazette Staff

University Students' Council president-elect Ryan Parks did not have much time to enjoy the sweet taste of victory as his Valentine's Day was spent getting down to business at the council office.

With only two business days under his belt so far, Parks has already moved into the presidential driver's seat in taking initiatives for the USC. "We've already started – which is exciting," he said.

Yesterday Parks had a meeting with the USC's Board of Directors to discuss how he plans to restructure the portfolios of the vice-presidents. Parks said he is committed to his idea of how the Board should be but at the same time really wants to listen to the other Board members before making changes.

"In all fairness to the vice-presidential candidates we want to get this established as soon as possible so they know exactly what they are running for and what platforms they need to run on," Parks said, adding he has already started meeting with some potential VP's.

Looking forward to slack week, Parks said he will be trapped at the university with USC VP-student affairs Scott Sullivan and he plans on digging into information and learning all there is to know about orientation.

"I'm in a unique position right now because I've been able to sit in on meetings, have more access and I don't have all the corporate responsibilities Dave [Tompkins, current USC president] has – he takes care of all that over the next few months," he said, adding he was anxious to learn the ropes but is also glad he will be able to pursue other things outlined in his campaign.

Parks said he would like to do some informal networking with other presidential candidates, in hopes of incorporating some of their ideas into his tenure. "It's a step in the right direction in terms of solving some perceived problems – maybe that the USC isn't as open as they could be," he said.

Other projects in the works are Parks' platform promises of mandatory submissions of exams to the exam bank and the two-year text book for next year. "I want to get that at least in the planning stages before the end of the school year," he said. Parks added he has already talked to Ben Thorton, chair of the student caucus on governance, about the issue.

With regard to long-term planning initiatives, Parks said the provincial lobby on governance is expected to take a lot of time and effort and so will running a student in the federal election.

In terms of remaining visible to the average student, Parks said he welcomes any opportunity to get involved on campus. "I'm going to do my best to try and accommodate that and still try and graduate this spring," he said.

As a fourth-year honours political science student, Parks has some homework to catch up on after three weeks of campaigning. "I wish I didn't have classes or homework that I have to catch up on," he said "Now that the campaign is over, that is on my mind."

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