Volume 90, Issue 81

Tuesday, February 18, 1997



Coin toss averted!

An anticipated coin toss will not come to pass for two students vying for a social science councillor position.

Brad Johnston, a current social science councillor and Aili Schachner tied for the position at 394 votes each after last week's students' council elections.

Rather than request a recount, Johnston decided to withdraw from the race.

"I really think that a recount would have solved nothing," Johnston said.

If a recount had been requested and the tie still stood, a coin toss would resolve the issue according to USC election bylaws. "There's no way I'd allow a democratic seat to be decided by a flip of the coin," Johnston said.

He added there are many things he can do for the USC without being an elected member.

However, there have got to be massive changes to Resolution Six, the elections bylaws, Johnston said, because there is no proper resolution for the event of a tie. He said he believes in the event of a tie between a newcomer and an incumbent the incumbent should surrender their seat.

– Karena Walter

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