Volume 90, Issue 82

Wednesday, February 19, 1997



Native resources on campus

Re: Native students face name calling, ignorance, Feb. 4

To the Editor:

Catherine Shawana's letter revealed the problems of the lack of representation on behalf of Native students at Western. Native interests are sadly under-represented on campus and little is currently being done to alter this situation.

However, Shawana overlooked one resource available on campus, namely the Native Language Resource Centre. The centre is located in the anthropology department and currently offers two half-degree-credit courses in Kanyen'keha (Mohawk) taught by David Kanatawakhon Maracle.

I am privileged enough to be taking these classes and highly recommend them both. Professor Kanatawakhon Maracle brings our class the language as well as many aspects of the culture. I feel these courses greatly enhance my transcript and I would gladly take further courses in this genre. The courses are available through the anthropology department with special permission from professor Kanatawakhon Maracle. He is an incredible educator and he is a valuable resource to Western. Western administrators would do well to take notice of this man and the opportunities he is capable of offering our university.

Lori Armstrong
English/Linguistics IV

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