Volume 90, Issue 82

Wednesday, February 19, 1997



New Pride Library opens with positive outlooks for the future

By Brad Lister
Gazette Staff

Western's new Pride Library was officially unveiled yesterday in University College and judging by the reactions of spectators, the new facility has lived up to its name.

James Miller, the library's director, said he was pleased so many people came out for the opening due to the importance of the establishment of a facility of gay and lesbian literature.

"This is a culturally significant event," he said. Miller thanked those in attendance and said he is grateful for the help he's received. "A resource centre like this can only survive through donations."

Rick Brown, of the Metropolitan Community Church, said the venture helps build a greater social understanding. "I think it's wonderful. I have a bunch of books I'm going to donate myself," he said. "It's another positive step in the right direction."

Dave Windling, from the UWO Bookstore, said the opening of the new resource centre is just the beginning. "It's more than just a library," he said. "Awareness will grow with every generation. [This is] another piece in evolutionary process."

The library will help create a sense of community on campus, Chris Walsh, University Students' Council's VP-student issues, said. "It's definitely a positive step for people," he said. "Hopefully it will make a lot of people a lot more comfortable on campus."

The library features many works collected by Miller himself, a fact the dean of arts said should be recognized. "We're delighted that James has finally realized his dream." Jim Good said. "Miller has made due with limited resources.

"There is something renewing about having something this frontier in the oldest part of the school." He explained the space was once home to the head of the philosophy department and also to local writer James Reaney when he was at Western.

Cyndy Tobey, a librarian at the centre, said the staff will direct students who can't find books in the library to holdings at the London Public Library and in Toronto. However, she added details on borrowing books from the library still have to be worked out.

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