Volume 90, Issue 82

Thursday, February 20, 1997



EDITORIAL: Slacking off

Here we are again. Although The Gazette's staff is taking off a day early, the rest of campus will officially mark tomorrow as the commencement of Slack Week.

It is a time for renewal and relaxation in preparation for the upcoming academic homestretch of late essays and final exams. A good number of Western's population will be heading off to exotic locales (Mexico, Cancun or any place warm) while another segment will be heading to not-so-exotic areas (Waterloo, Guelph, Windsor) which many people call home.

However, those of us who are leaving should give pause to the unfortunate few who must stay in lovely London, Ont. for the break – listening to news reports of partying in Florida or the balmy temperatures down south.

But fear not. London and Western are a party unto themselves over Slack Week. So with that in mind, here are some suggestions to help you out during the next week.

Public sit-ins: Hey, it's all the rage and all the cool kids are doing it. Find a local president's office and illegally occupy it for the entire week. Invent a cause, call some media and you're set. Radicalism has its privileges.

Fishing the Thames: While some will be in Orillia ice fishing or off the Atlantic coast deep-sea fishing this week, you could revel in the delights of trolling the Thames. Sure, we have the same sort of fish other places do – but ours are a healthy green colour.

Hunker down in the library and study: Yeah, right.

Sunset Beach, Days of our Lives, Another World and Y&R: If your life sucks at least you can live vicariously through the lives of fictional characters and their little love-fests.

Privacy my ass: Hey your bonehead roommates took off for exotic climes so you have every right to root through their stuff for the week. Try some things on – you may look good in pumps.

The Ceeps, Jim Bob's, T.J's or Kool's: Tired of the normal crowds? Try one of these places this week – just be wary of getting hit by your echo bouncing off the far wall.

Grab a friend and play paper, rock, scissors or Scrabble this week: Might as well plunge yourselves into the pit of depression by boring yourself to death.

No really, study so you won't fail exams: OK, we wouldn't do it either.

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