Volume 90, Issue 82

Thursday, February 20, 1997



Black history or our history?

The following are a few examples of the contributions of blacks to the North American experience:

Dr. Daniel H. Williams: First surgeon to perform successful open-heart surgery.
Maggie Lena Walker (1903): First female, black or white, bank president.
Thurgood Marshall: Supreme Court justice.
Martin Luther King: Advocate of non-violent social change.
Ernest Just (1915): Spingarn Medal for research in biology and embryology.
Mary Ann Shadd Cary: Publisher of Canada's first anti-slavery newspaper.
Charles Drew: First director of the American Red Cross blood bank. Pioneered a means to preserve and store blood, began world's first blood bank.
Frederick McKinley Jones: Pioneered work on air cooling systems for trucks making it possible to ship meat and fruit over long distances.
Mary McLeod Bethune: Appointed by President Hoover to the Conference on Child Heath in 1930.

Is this knowledge only relevant to people who define themselves as black? Contributions to North American history are not only relevant to a person's respective race but to everyone in order alleviate racism.

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