Volume 90, Issue 82

Thursday, February 20, 1997



Gazette humour, gone too far?

Re: Maybe I shouldn't have ordered my Cajun chicken rare, Feb. 6

To the Editor:

We are extremely disappointed with the caption underneath the front page photo on Feb. 6. It stated, among other things: "Rumour has it Tompkins ate two meals to make up for the one he missed last year – but that's a long story, right Mr. McLean?"

Why does The Gazette staff feel it is so necessary to insult Dave Tompkins' appearance? Dave has been an outstanding president this year and has devoted countless hours to his school and its students. We feel such comments are unnecessary and continue the disturbing trend of judging people not by accomplishments, but by appearance. How ironic that this happens to coincide with Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

Jenn Gill
Christy Smith
Shannon MacLean
Andrea Luksts
Geography II

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