Volume 90, Issue 82

Thursday, February 20, 1997



Shuffling council's deck

By Joshua Budd
Gazette Staff

The latest details in the restructing plan for the Part-time and Mature Students Association were presented last night during the University Students' Council meeting held in Rm. 40 of the Richard Ivey School of Business Administration.

Chris Keith, USC VP-finance, said he and PTMSA president Paula Platero, along with other members of the association, were able to agree on a structure similar to the one used by the Women's Issues Network.

Under the new proposals, the USC will be appointing an officer to the executive of the new organization, which has yet to be renamed.

Platero said the officer will act as a liaison with the USC and will assume responsibility over the restructured organization's budget.

She said she agreed to the presence of a USC-appointed officer on the executive only if the new organization could maintain a president and a board elected by members.

Keith said the restructuring should not significantly change the $5,000 funding currently allocated to the association. He added since they are now internally budgeted they can use the resources of the USC.

Under the new plan, the council will allocate funds to the new organization as a levy directly out of the activity fees. The amount of the levy has not been decided.

Keith said the basic services offered by the former PTMSA will stay the same under the new plan. However, he is hoping to consolidate services shared by both the council and the association.

"[PTMSA] do a lot of the same lobbying as the USC," Keith explained. "I'm hoping that by consolidating their lobbying efforts with ours we will save costs."

Keith added the purpose of the restructuring was not solely financial but was necessary to give mature and part-time students as much representation as possible since they are no longer voting members of council. He said the association had their seats in the council removed Jan. 15 because they were not part of the three voting constituencies – residence, faculty, or affiliated college.

Platero said the restructuring should not interfere with the usual services provided for part-time and mature students. They will continue to advise members on financial aid issues, provide direct access to the financial aid office and will be lobbying for a crisis fund for mature students which will not have to be repaid.

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