Volume 90, Issue 62

Wednesday, January 15, 1997



Editorial: Ah, oops!

Alas, once again we have come to a point in our national history where we are forced to question whether justice will truly be served.

With the announcement the Somalia Inquiry will be forced to adhere to a strict deadline and will not be permitted to extend their inquiry, Canadians are forced to shake their heads and wonder what went wrong.

Sudden cries that the decision will render it impossible for key witnesses like former Prime Minister and Defense Minister Kim Campbell to be subpoenaed to testify raises the question, "If they were so integral to the inquiry why were they not subpoenaed before?"

Just chock it up to being Canadian. While we have much to be proud of, we also have a grand history of Canadian fuck-ups. Below is a semi-lighthearted look at our recent past of gaffes.

Airbus scandal – Did he do it? Didn't he? Was he even ever implicated? All we know is that former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was questioned by the RCMP for the Airbus incident and someone with the some loose lips in the service doesn't know a whip about libel.

Gino Vanelli – "Black cars look better in the shade..." Enough said.

Twoonie, loonie... the great pants-sagging phenomenon – $20 of change can mean a day of back strain thanks to our little metal friends. At least the paper bills made your wallet look fatter, now the metal versions just make your thighs look fatter.

National dome hysteria – One in Vancouver, one in Toronto and one in Montreal and they can't fill any of them. They don't call Olympic Stadium "the Big Owe" for nothing.

The implementation of the Goods and Services Tax – The tax itself was a good idea – for what it was intended. Originally designed to be a tax solely to reduce the deficit, the manufacturer's tax that came out of the closet never found its way down the road to deficit reduction and has become a source of irritation for many Canadians.

Showing Americans how to play basketball, hockey, etc... – James Naismith gave the world basketball and the only Canadian pros we have are Rick Fox, Bill Wennington and Steve Nash? OK, we lost the World Cup of Hockey too... At least they haven't figured out curling.

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