Volume 90, Issue 62

Wednesday, January 15, 1997



Earth sciences prof is SWAMPed

Re: Religious schools valuable, Jan. 10

To the editor:

Michael Rubin comments that religious school education is valuable. He states, "But if you regard science to be the be all and end all of all things, then you worship science as your god." A multitude do! This reflects the pervasively held attitude, it's either science or it's religion.

I am sending out across North America by email an original question related to this subject, aimed primarily at Christianity. Contact me by email at cwinder@julian.uwo.ca and a copy will be sent by email. My terminology for this 13-decade-old argument is the SWAMP – Society's Worst Academic Morass – Period.

I also have another adjective for it – stupidity.

C. Gordon Winder
Department of Earth Sciences

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