Volume 90, Issue 63

Thursday, January 16, 1997



Entertainment extras

The movie of your life

In the cinematic spirit of Cannes and Sundance, Western will host its third annual film festival just as spring begins to bloom again in southwestern Ontario.

Sometime around March 21, the film studies and visual arts department, along with the University Students' Council, will present the festival open to all students.

This is a call to all aspiring Fellinis, Speilbergs and Ford Coppolas to put their best creative ideas onto film for the March 3 deadline submission. The festival committee is in search of short films, running no longer than 20 minutes.

The festival submissions should fall under one of the three following categories: narrative, documentary and avant-garde music video. Prizes will be awarded for the winning films in each category.

Though festival organizer Janina Falkowska acknowledges it is "mostly English and film students" who take part in the festival, she urges anyone wishing to enter to submit their film to the English department office.

The festival's inaugural year (1995) boasted 16 films.

"This is usually a big event every year," Falkowska says.

–Paul Fruitman

Come together with the band

Bring on the groupies, funky hairstyles and vicious guitar licks. Performers are now being accepted for the 1997 Fine Arts Festival's Battle of the Bands competition.

Any aspiring rock, reggae, rap, funk, or even country, stars are welcome to strut their stuff on stage Feb. 4 at The Wave.

Seven bands will be accepted to play a 30-minute set of at least 40 per cent original material and entries will by chosen by the Fine Arts Festival committee.

"The object of the festival is to showcase some of Western's talent in arts," says Battle of the Bands co-ordinator Darcy Windover. "This competition will give a chance for some unknown or aspiring bands to be heard."

To enter just drop off an envelope containing a demo tape, group biography and stage layout to the Fine Arts Festival mail box located in the University Students' Council office on the third floor of the University Community Centre.

Prizes will be awarded and the winning artist(s) will be guaranteed entry into The Spoke's battle of the bands competition taking place later in the semester.

–Mike Sikorksi

To Contact The Entertainment Department: gazent@julian.uwo.ca