Volume 90, Issue 64

Friday, January 17, 1997

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Injury of the week

NAME: Dave Collins
SPORT: Pole Vaulting
INJURY: Scaphoid bone (wrist)
TYPE: Severe break
HEALING TIME: 8-12 weeks (+rehab)


Dave Collins, a member of Western's track and field team, was working on his pole-vaulting technique in preparation for a meet last Friday. Both the vaulting coach and Collins noticed he was continuously vaulting to the left. Unfortunately, after raising the bar, Collins missed the safety mat entirely, landing on the track and breaking his wrist. The Mustang refused to believe anything was broken and proceeded to see a movie that evening – not seeing a doctor for two days. Finally, after a visit to the Fowler Kennedy Clinic, he was alerted that his scaphoid was broken and he was signed up for surgery on Wednesday. Collins, who has the option of graduating this year, is considering another year at Western since this season is now finished.

–Nominated by the Western track and field team.

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