Volume 90, Issue 65

Tuesday, January 21, 1997



Mature and part-time students take a stand

Re: Eviction notice, Jan. 16

To the Editor:

We have never argued that we have special rights which are any more or less valid than those concerns faced by disabled students, black students, Italian students or any other minority group on campus. In fact, over the years, and most recently on CHRW on Jan. 14, the Part-Time And Mature Students' Association has specifically stated that these groups ought to have representation and voting seats on council as well. More importantly, we believe the broad diversity in life experiences and different viewpoints would only serve to better represent the students at Western rather than the traditional way of presenting an exclusive and elitist image of the University Students' Council.

This is not so ludicrous a proposition, particularly since other universities such as Windsor and Brock actively seek out divergent views to obtain a broader perspective and provide a more representative student government. In addition, the PTMSA must take issue with the perception that our existence as a political group is unfair to other groups on campus.

Whether or not we have voting seats on council, the PTMSA, or whatever the new existence will be, will continue to exercise its political right to speak when deemed necessary. There is nothing preventing other groups from acting in a political vein except for the fact that they choose not to. If group X wishes to speak to its university administration, the PTMSA is fairly sure it will not be an issue. If group X wishes to lobby for rights for its constituents, the PTMSA urges them to do so.

Part of being an active political group means you have to earn it. When your students need X, you do it. It means taking those 12 a.m. phone calls and it means you research, making phone calls and reaching out. Other groups can do the same. This sounds so simple, so why isn't everyone doing it?

Paula Platero
President, PTMSA

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