Volume 90, Issue 65

Tuesday, January 21, 1997



Geese, go away. It's winter, eh!

By Veer Gidwaney
Gazette Staff

My travels through life have revealed many awkward and questionable scenarios. However, the one I have witnessed each day since returning to London is amongst the most baffling to which I've ever been subject.

If you, like I, make your way across the Thames River while walking to campus, you will have also seen this freak occurrence of nature. On the bank of the river, in the middle of January, a flock of Canadian geese has settled.

I'm not sure about you, but this strikes me to be a little out of the ordinary. As far as I know, birds migrate during the winter months. Geese are birds. January is a winter month. What are these geese doing here. . . now?

Don't get me wrong, I, as I'm sure you do, hold Canada's national bird closely to my heart. I take passion in boasting to my relatives abroad about the uniqueness of this magnificent bird. But, honestly, I never thought they were so dumb. Hmmm, beaches or river icebergs?, tan or no tan?, Florida or Canada? Leave, you silly birds.

What's even more startling is that the number of geese on the Thames has increased over the last couple of weeks. You would think the birds would spread warning messages at the least. "Don't land. Freezing your webbed feet stuck to the ice really sucks."

I, for one, am a little concerned. Can these geese survive the frigid Ontario winter? I'm sure the weather will only get worse and the temperatures will continue to fall. Will the fate of the Canada geese on the Thames have a tragic ending? For the sake of the geese, I hope not. It would be horrid if they were to die a dumb death.

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