Volume 90, Issue 65

Tuesday, January 21, 1997



A new leader beyond the gates

By Karena Walter
Gazette Staff

A new off-campus commissioner position has been created by the University Students' Council in an attempt to make the OC experience distinct and unique.

"There will be a completely separate off-campus group like there has been every year," said Scott Sullivan, VP-student affairs. The only difference this year will be the Purple Spur will not incur any debt.

The Purple Spur traditionally organize orientation events for off-campus students but decided to withdraw from the responsibility for 1997 after accumulating a growing debt over the last two years. This school year's debt was $16,000.

The Orientation Governance Board then looked into a residence matching program in which off-campus students would live in residence during frosh week but decided against the idea in December.

The new off-campus commissioner will be a non-voting member of the students' council. The USC has access to more resources than the Spur, including staff, the VP-finance and VP-student affairs. "Clubs are kind of at an arms length,"

The Purple Spur will still have a hand in orientation though. Involvement may include advertising their logo on off-campus paraphernalia or advising on the selection procedures for off-campus sophs.

"We'll always have a spot in orientation. Orientation brings us our members," club president Paul Burd said.

The idea of residence matching was to ensure students were not left out of activities and if there is programming going on, off-campus students can benefit from it, said Roma Harris, Western's associate VP-academic. "We still have plans to help the students make the connection."

The new commissioner will be selected by a nomination committee the week before slack week. Nominations open Feb. 5.

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