Volume 90, Issue 67

Thursday, January 23, 1997




The Purple Spur, which organized orientation, was worried power was being taken away from them this week in 1967 when a report on orientation said more emphasis should be laid on academics.

The report was by Peter Larson, the orientation co-ordination committee chair for the University Students' Council. Larson said Western had a "child-image" orientation and wanted to "eliminate the disproportionate accent on the social aspects of the university."

Most members of Spur felt the report would spell the end of orientation. "This thing as it is, is an entire botch," said Spur president Jock McKeen.

But another member of the group disagreed. "I might be considered a radical for saying this, but I don't think the beanie and the badge serve a lot of purpose," John McHugh said.

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