Volume 90, Issue 68

Friday, January 24, 1997

Value Village


Injury of the week

NAME: Greg Hines
SPORT: Hockey
INJURY: Kicked by skate
TYPE: Deep cut
HEALING TIME: 1-2 weeks


Greg Hines, a 22-year-old Sarnia native, was playing in a men's competitive hockey league tournament when the injury occurred.

Hines was up-ended in the second game of the competition and before he could regain his bearings, he was allegedly kicked by an opposing player.

Upon arriving at the bench, Hines removed his equipment to reveal a six-inch gash below his arm that was bleeding severely. With no thoughts of leaving the game or the tournament, the honours geography student wrapped the wound in a T-shirt and proceeded to lift his team to the championship three games later – scoring the winning goal in the finals.

The cut was not examined by a doctor until the next day and it was determined to be too late to receive any stitches. The pain was heightened even more after hockey tape that was keeping the cut closed was peeled off with a large amount of underarm hair still attached.

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