Volume 90, Issue 68

Friday, January 24, 1997

Value Village


Closure to the war of two

Re: The French family feud fires up, Jan. 21

To The Editor:

For those of you readers who have been following the series of letters that have been exchanged between myself and a certain Marc Comeau, I would apologize for the incessant rambling coming from one side of the debate (not mine of course). In two letters, I presented facts and my analysis of those facts concerning the allegations that Quebec is not treated fairly within Canada. I quoted numbers and pieces of legislation to demonstrate that this allegation is simply not true. In response to this, Mr. Comeau has regaled the reading public with endlessly vague statements about discrimination, mirrors and my false interpretations.

My original argument was that I was tired of hearing the same old complaint of "it's not fair" from my home province. However, I have now also grown tired of Mr. Comeau's attempt to engage in intelligent conversation. I am wearied by his assumption that because he got into first-year engineering science at this university, it automatically grants him knowledge about Canadian history.

As for Mr. Comeau's raving accusation of my infringement on his freedom to believe whatever it is that he wants, I think he should read the first letter he sent regarding my opinion. He is in fact telling me to stop complaining about Quebec's unfounded claims of unfairness. I, on the other hand, defy anyone to show me where I told Mr. Comeau what he can or cannot believe. He accuses me of doing things that he has done and he criticizes my use of facts with obscure declarations concerning brotherhood, fighting, mirrors and other fanciful things.

Mr. Comeau, I don't quite understand what your problem is with me. After you rudely called me "Bud" I gently corrected your misguided ramblings with a history lesson. You then implied that I am some kind of fascist by saying that I am restricting your freedom of belief. I am doing no such thing. For all I care, you can believe that you are a pink anthropoid ape, a wild syphilitic goat, an alien from the planet Mars or even a lava rock from Fiji, just so long as you don't burden myself or any other Gazette readers with your mindless drivel anymore.

Jonathan Ruby
Political Science II

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