Volume 90, Issue 69

Tuesday, January 28, 1997


Questions & Answers:

1. How much is the fee for the USC's proposed undergraduate student Dental Plan? (1) $125

2. Who is the program director for CHRW? (1) Tom Everett

3. Who is the celebrity researcher at Western's 3M centre? (1) Roberta Bondar

4. Name two of the four recommendations made by Western to the Smith panel. (2) Government should recognize the role of universities in Ontario, stabilize and benchmark the government grant, universities should set tuition fees, strengthen student aid, formula adjustment and support for full-cost recovery programs

5. Name the provincial and federal lobby groups the USC is a member of. (2) Who are their directors? (2) Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance - Rick Martin, Canadian Alliance of Student Associations - Matthew Hough

6. Which two Western varsity teams are expected to take overseas trips this year? (2) Where are they expected to go? (2) Rugby team - Ireland, Football team - Japan

7. How much did each undergraduate student pay in student activity fees for the UCC phase three expansion this year? (1) $15.70

8. Name the Minister of Education. (1) John Snobelen

9. How many years has The Gazette been publishing? (1) 90

10. How many full-time USC employees are there? (1) 45

11. What was the score of this year's Homecoming football game?(1) 47-0

12. Name five USC operations. (5) Here are just some: CHRW, Infosource, Copy Centre, Exam Bank, Spoke, The Wave

13. Name any two shows regularly featured on TV Western. (2) Varsity TV, Centrespot, Diversions, Fashion TV Protocol, University Hill, Weather Western, The Moving Picture, Jetlagged, The Truth and The Youth, The Dave Show

14. How many points are in Operation Face-Lift? (1) 70

15. What NBC sitcom did the 'Western Mustangs' appear on this year? (1) Third Rock From The Sun

16. How much will tuition be for Western's MBA program four years from now? (1) $18,000

17. What was the name of the golf course Western's campus was built on. (1) What year was Western founded? (1) The Hunt Club, 1878

18. Name two London MPs and two London MPPs. (4) MPPs – Dianne Cunningham, Marion Boyd, Bob Wood, MPs – Sue Barnes, Joe Fontana, Pat O'Brien

19. How many undergraduate students are represented on Western's Senate? (1) On the Board of Governors? (1) Senate – 12, BOG – 2

20. How many changes were made to the UWO Act this year? (1) None

21. What is your favourite TV game show? (1) Any show as long as its a game!


Name: Brian Astl

Age: 21

Year and program: Third Year - Business Administration

Positions held on campus councils, committees and/or clubs: Orientation Staff 1996, USC External Outreach Commissioner 1996/97, External Affairs Committee, Communications Committee, Junior Alumni Committee, USC Financial Aid Commissioner 1995/96

Political affiliation: None

Affiliation with a fraternity or sorority: Pi Kappa Alpha

1. May cost up to $125. Right now the estimated figure is at $116.

2. Tom Everett

3. Dr. Roberta Bondar

4. Allow Universities to set differential tuition levels at whatever they like; Allow Privately-funded universities under certain conditions.

5. Canadian Alliance of Student Associations - Alex Usher, Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance - Rick Martin

6. Football team - China

7. $23

8. John Snobelen

9. 90 years

10. 60

11. No Answer

12. Exam Bank, Copy Centre, The Wave, The Spoke, Used Book Store

13. Centrespot & the movie review show.

14. 120

15. Third Rock from the Sun

16. $18,000/year

17. Thames Valley Golf and CC, 1878

18. MPs: Sue Barnes, Joe Fontana MPPs: Diane Cunningham, Marion Boyd

19. 15 on Senate and 2 on BOG.

20. Zero. The committee proposed that all "necessary" changes could be made through by-law amendments.

21. "Just Like Mom." I would have been the kid who made the "ketchup-sugar-maple syrup" cookies.

SCORE: 26/38 = 68%

In 50 words or less, state why you have chosen to run for USC president.

I am running for President because I am committed to making a difference. The students of Western deserve a strong voice for their concerns, and someone who can get things accomplished. I am dedicated to improving the every day life of Western students, while safeguarding their future!


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