Volume 90, Issue 70

Wednesday, January 29, 1997



EDITORIAL: Preaching to the converted

What if you built an election campaign and no one cared?

The cries of potential leaders echoed through the halls of the University Community Centre yesterday as they bounced off the bodies of aimlessly-wandering, discontented students and directly into the cameras of TV Western.

But when the University Students' Council's presidential candidates get an opportunity to see themselves on the little screens, will they be satisfied with how they began their campaign presentation?

In other words, would they vote for themselves if they were actually "average students" once again.

And in even more words – why should the average student care.

Yesterday's forum was by no means a washout. There was a healthy crowd transfixed on the speeches. Unfortunately, the majority of the spectators were either USC-types or campaign supporters.

Joe and Jill Student were noticably absent from the proceedings.

Recent history has shown that the majority of students don't attend presidential forums, for whatever reason. Admittedly, forums can be as dry as a saltine at times, but the election and its process are important.

Many people may say to themselves, "But what does the USC president do for me? How will they affect me during my three or four years as an undergrad at Western?"

This is precisely why students should go to the forums – to find out.

With nine candidates running it is impossible for any of the media outlets on campus to cover all the issues. It becomes mandatory to pick and choose what is perceived to be the most important. However, there is much which is left on the editor's desk.

And what about the candidates? How do they appeal to the passing student and get them interested?

How about sincerity?

A few of the candidates appeared as though they were still in front of the same mirror where they had spent all of Monday evening rehearsing their speeches.

What Western needs is not Anthony Robbins, Richard Nixon and especially not Dan Quail.

The voters are looking for a sincere, trustworthy, determined and confident individual who doesn't have to act to get results. Anything else insults the integrity of the student body and will not encourage any votes whatsoever.

It is up to the candidates to prepare themselves, to be themselves and not something they think they should be. And it's up to the student body to ensure their efforts don't go to waste.

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