Volume 90, Issue 70

Wednesday, January 29, 1997



CANDIDATE PROFILE: Sean Martin - Mapping his way to the top

By Karena Walter
Gazette Staff

Sean Martin knows his way around campus.

The Saugeen-Maitland Hall residents' council president, who says he's always had a love of maps, is taking a road travelled by few – he's running for University Students' Council president.

While the route may be long and bumpy, Martin knows the direction he wants to take. "I know where we've been. I know where students want to go dealing with day-to-day issues of student life."

Martin is a student senator this year and has held a number of council positions. "I've enjoyed representing students through the process and have become more concerned about student issues," he said, adding becoming president would be an effective way to deal with those concerns.

There is no way students can be active on every issue at Western but each student is affected by these issues, he said. "I like to look at things from a distance – get the big picture."

As president of Saugeen, Martin has tried to combat the stereotypical party image the residence has been saddled with. "It's always been a priority of mine to let people know it's not just a zoo, it's a positive environment."

Although he has had to deal with some frustrating issues as a student senator – a fact which encouraged him to get involved in the election – he said he has also seen progress.

One issue Martin said is important is the deregulation of tuition fees because it will affect all students. He said he believes the USC should not support the deregulation of tuition fees and is concerned students may have to choose their programs based on cost rather than their interests. "I think it's something the USC could take a strong stance on. As a student voice it's our responsibility to make that voice heard."

Student employment is another concern for Martin and he wants to promote students in the business community as viable employment prospects.

Other initiatives Martin would like to implement include holding an issues forum over the Internet and moving student council meetings to different locales. His Team Western concept is inspired by the Prime Minister's trade missions and the Western version would see a group of administrators and students promoting the university in different sectors of the community, such as high schools and businesses.

Martin said the presidential election is a good opportunity for all students to get involved and discuss issues. "This is the one time when everyone is concerned about next year."

And besides putting their names on the map, candidates can bring issues forth into the Western community. "We all have a goal to get our concerns, arguments and points across."

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