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Volume 90, Issue 70

Wednesday, January 29, 1997



CANDIDATE PROFILE: [Name withheld by request] - Shedding light on the council

By Kevin Gale
Gazette Staff

[Name withheld by request] wants to bring the University Students' Council out of the shadows.

"Those issues involving students are foremost in my mind," [Name withheld by request] said. "They see things happen but they don't get to see the fruits of their labour.

"There is apathy towards student politics because of the way it has been packaged in the past."

If elected, [Name withheld by request] said he would get students involved in politics by evaluating feedback and promoting USC issues in the council's promotional paper, PRAVDA.

The way to get students involved in giving feedback is to make the feedback entertaining, [Name withheld by request] said. To do this, he explained he is proposing the use of suggestion boxes in each of the USC services. He added this will also help the services make decisions that will help with students.

Other areas of involvement for [Name withheld by request] include a greater investment in teaching awards, along with a permanent display of the yearly honour roll for professors who excel in their evaluations.

Also, [Name withheld by request] said if elected he would try to implement a 'shadowing' program across Western. Instead of doing a regular classroom assignment, students would shadow a person at Western, with involvement from the USC. "I want to pair classroom learning with applicable skills."

Another aspect of [Name withheld by request]'s campaign is the configuration of Orientation Week. He said he supports a more academically-oriented O-week but classes are not the way to do it. "O-week is an opportunity to cover a lot of ground," he said.

[Name withheld by request] said the week should focus on giving students information about campus services. "During this year's O-week I noticed a change in the type of students," he said. [Name withheld by request] added many students bought books before joining in the social aspects of the week.

However, [Name withheld by request] said the election issues are not all political. "Not all students love politics," he said. "I'm sticking within the boundaries of council but not just focusing on policy." He added his campaign philosophy is to pair-up the political with the not-so-political to get students involved in voting. "I want [the voters] to get to know me too," he said. "It's hard to ask for support and say they should support me. But they should certainly vote."

One of [Name withheld by request]'s not-so-political campaign promises is the introduction of an Internet café on the second floor of The Wave. "It adds a new dimension," he said. "It's good for the underage crowd not into dancing up a storm."

Also, [Name withheld by request] said he would like to put the exam bank on-line to make it easier for students to get the exams they need and decrease the one-day waiting period currently in place. "It increases availability to all areas with 24-hour access."

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