Volume 90, Issue 70

Wednesday, January 29, 1997



Bartolotta guarantees basketball championship

Lori Bartolotta

Mustang Q & A
Name: Lori Bartolotta
Team: Women's basketball
Position: Forward
Hometown: Hamilton
High school: St. Thomas Moore

In an interview with Gazette basketball writer Mike Sikorski yesterday, Western forward Lori Bartolotta discussed the promise of this year's women's team – the No.1-ranked squad in the country.

Q: "In what ways does this year's team differ from previous years?"

A: "Definitely depth. Almost every year our women's team has been a contender. This year instead of having one 'go-to' player we have maybe 11 or 12 players that can contribute regularly."

Q: "Did playing with Michele Vesprini influence your game at all?"

A: "She was our biggest impact player. I had played with her ever since high school and she showed great leadership. However, in the past the focus was mainly on her, with her point totals and everything and that may have overshadowed the talent of some of the other team members."

Q: "How valuable was last year's championship run to this year's success?"

A: "It is a huge factor. It gives us mental preparation that other teams may lack. Being in the playoffs will be an intimidating experience for the rookies but there are many players like myself which are there to give them confidence."

Q: "How would you describe your role on this team?"

A: "I'm a leader. [Coach] Bob [Delaney] and I talked and I knew he was giving the C to Angela [Nobes] but being the captain when I played with Michelle [Vesprini], I know that my experience is very valuable to this team."

Q: "Has Angela adjusted well to her role as captain?"

A: "Oh yeah, she has done an excellent job with the younger players. She takes her position very seriously and works very hard at it."

Q: "What type of advantages or disadvantages does your team's No. 1-national ranking carry with it?"

A: "It definitely has some disadvantages. Being number 1 everyone is out to get you – trying to knock off the first-place team, every school comes to play and play us hard. On the other hand, being number 1 raises our confidence level and we are forced to play our best each and every game."

Q: "Do you feel that this year, as opposed to others, is the one which will bring you the CIAU title?"

A: "Without a doubt, I put a guarantee on it. That is one of the main reasons that I came back to play with this team and all the amazing recruits we have gotten. As long as we play as a team I have no doubt we will win."

Western's next game is Thursday at Brock.

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