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Volume 90, Issue 71

Thursday, January 30, 1997



EDITORIAL: Name game

Just before the new residence is officially born, Western's Board of Governors has decided on a new name for the newest spot on the university map. After much deliberation, the new residence will be known as Essex Hall.

Named after a neighbouring county (London is in Middlesex county, but apparently the name's no good) the new residence breaks the tradition of using river names for their designation.

But what names were passed up? The Gazette has a few suggestions if this name doesn't stick or to help in the naming of a future residence.

10. The After-Spoke – Hey, the new residence is within stumbling distance of the campus bar.

9. The Daven-port – Let's acknowledge the man with the plan at Western. El taco supremo hasn't got his name on anything on this campus yet.

8. Susie's Love Shack – In honour of the lovely and talented senior director of housing and food services Susan Grindrod.

7. The Land of Love – Partly self-serving in memory of a late great comic at this paper, but it could also help deflect the party image away from Saugeen-Maitland Hall.

6. Motel 666 – Western's risqué rez. A virtual den of iniquity on campus.

5. The Four Pleas'uns – Continuing the hotel motif but still reflecting the fun and excitement of residence life.

4. The Abattoir – Where fresh meat comes to be slaughtered.

3. The Macaulay Culkin Career Memorial Hall – For those students who are home alone for the first time.

2. Gibbons Lodge South – Named after the university president's home, this rez will have all the comforts of the fabled Gibbons Lodge, except you have to share showers with about 20 other people.

1. The Club House – A welcome home to the members of Country Club U.

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