Volume 90, Issue 71

Thursday, January 30, 1997



You're not the only car on this freeway

re: Inconsiderate behaviour

To the editor:

This letter is addressed to the person who went running through the University Community Centre around noon on Jan. 27. In your haste to get to your destination, you managed to injure my best friend quite seriously. As you were running down the stairwell, you hit her so hard she went bouncing down three of the large concrete steps on her knees.

You did not apologize. You did not offer to help her up. Somehow, you managed to ignore what you had done and kept going. I'm sure you noticed what you did. It's very difficult to hit someone that hard and not notice them tumbling down the stairs.

I'm sure you've even tried rationalizing it by thinking you didn't hit her that hard or you didn't have time to stop. But you did hit her. And you did hurt her - badly.

Now my friend will have to endure three weeks of pain, according to the doctor. (Yes, she needed to see a doctor). She may even have to take time off of work or school. All because you had to be somewhere so urgently, you were willing to put other people's safety at risk.

This not only reflects poorly on your morals and values as a human being, but on society as a whole. Your actions, or lack thereof, shows just how callous, unfeeling, and cowardly a person can be. You may think I'm making a big deal about an accident. You may even be laughing about it.

But there will be a time when someone will be just as unfeeling, and inhuman to you. Then it won't be so funny. Then who will you blame?

I hope you made it on time. After all, what would people think if you were late?

Jeff Hartman
Psychology IV

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