Volume 90, Issue 72

Friday, January 31, 1997

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Remedial driving course needed on campus

Re: Parking etiquette

To the editor:

I would just like to let the students at Western know that in order to park your car you do not have to take up two spots. It is no wonder that each time I pull into a green parking lot at school there are a plethora of cars circling the lot waiting to get a spot. If you would park in just ONE spot instead of two ther would be room for the rest of us.

I have had to wait for up to 25 minutes for a spot not to mention driving from lot to lot. There have even been times when I have said screw it and drove home. We all pay the same price to park and you don't pay extra for two spots so please give one up.

Thank you, a fellow car owner.

Krista Dutton
Social Science II

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