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Volume 90, Issue 72

Friday, January 31, 1997

big stick


Candidates make their debut with web pages

Jason Ménard
Gazette Staff

The world of politics is an ever-changing place. It's not your parents' world of shaking hands and kissing babies. It's now a vicious, competitive land filled with buzzwords like Internet and HTML.

It is also a brave new world filled with opportunity. New and exciting ways to get a message out to a broad spectrum of people. For the first time, the University Students' Council presidential candidates have the opportunity to go on-line at www.usc.uwo.ca. The question is did they embrace the challenge, or let it fall by the wayside.

So here, in reverse alphabetical order and viewed on a Power Mac 6200CD, is a review of the candidate's home pages. Check them out yourself, or if you are technologically-challenged, just close your eyes and imagine.

This isn't a review of the candidates' platforms. But in the end, substance wins out over style. Any flashiness here has to be tempered with solid platforms when the big voting day arrives.

Roy Sproxton – Well, Sproxton's picture certainly isn't the most flattering. He looks somewhat like an anorexic Barney due to the purple prominence. And while there is a lot of information here, the presentation is akin to reading Resolution Six, the council's election procedure code – click on it, you'll see what I mean.

Mark Smiley – Surfing this candidate's page is like choosing your own Smiley adventure. Links, links, everywhere there's links. It's easy to access a great deal of information but he runs the risk of public beatings by forcing students to click on a smiley face to enter the site.

Ryan Parks – Linda Blair eat your heart out. Parks' disembodied, rotating head is by far the most attention-grabbing feature on any candidate's site. Overall, there's a good use of graphics to represent the various parts of his platforms (however, choosing an empty road to represent experience might not be the best choice.)

Kevin Mol – Good use of frames and a scrolling info bar along the bottom of the page. Mol picks up major cuteness points by including a poem written by the then eight-year-old Kevin about snow.

Sean Martin – Martin let's you see who he is with a huge photo of him as the entry point. Continues the map motif with a stylized map of campus with 23 points to click on. This solid idea allows students to customize the info they get by finding out where he stands on issues that they're directly interested in.

Christina Gural and Scott Graham – Photo and candidate statement. Next.

Saj Butt – Very interactive, Butt's page is fringed with clever humour, showing doctored photos of him and Mother Theresa and John Kennedy as well as doctored quotes. A fair amount of info but it takes a while to load with all the graphics.

Brian Astl – Not a whole lot of excitement here. Cute 'Mr. Men' characters and a lot of info but not really interactive. Straightforward and to the point, though.

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