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Volume 90, Issue 72

Friday, January 31, 1997

big stick


CANDIDATE PROFILES: Brian Astl - Where Mr. Do meets Mr. Tomorrow

By Kevin Gale
Gazette Staff

Brian Astl has many sides to his personality and is using a popular children's literature series to introduce himself as he vies to be president of the University Students' Council.

The 'Mr.' series which Astl's campaign is based on is intended to reflect the major aspects of his character. "Character is a lot of what being a leader boils down to," he said. "If someone is being phony and is not being comfortable speaking in front of people, are they going to be comfortable with the president's job?

"Too often candidates grandstand on other people's ideas."

Astl said the 'Mr. Do' side of his personality reflects his drive to get things done and his 'Mr. Tomorrow' side reflects an aspect of his personality which is always looking ahead.

In the next few years students in the midst of their degree will be concerned about the quality of education they receive and graduating students will be concerned about job prospects, Astl said.

Improving job opportunities for all students is a major issue in Astl's campaign. He wants to implement an alumni advisor program where Western alumni volunteer as contacts for students interested in a particular field upon graduation.

"Instead of asking for their money, let's ask for their time," he said. Astl added students would gain a better understanding of a particular industry, which would give them an edge in a job interview.

Astl wants to expand job search services to include large seminars on resumé writing and interview skills. "It's all too easy to just write [a resumé] and then just show it to a friend," he said.

Students will help decide the policies he implements if elected, Astl explains. "In no way do I believe I have all the ideas to make this school great," he said. "There are a lot of people on campus with a lot of good ideas."

One of the unique suggestions in his campaign deals with Orientation Week. Astl said he would like to see more involvement in O-week by the faculty through the implementation of faculty sophs who would participate in O-week activities.

Astl said he would like to see orientation spread over the entire year because too much is crammed into the week and students are inundated with information. He added presentations on social issues could be provided throughout the year.

Although his ultimate goal is to win the election, Astl said another goal is to influence change in the USC. "A big goal is to positively affect the everyday lives of undergraduate students," he said.

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