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Volume 90, Issue 72

Friday, January 31, 1997

big stick


CANDIDATE PROFILE: Christina Gural - Changes that count

By Mark Brown
Gazette Staff

Christina Gural wants to focus on accomplishing goals that have an impact on the everyday lives of students.

Although she is currently running a straightforward campaign for University Students' Council's president, Gural said she might have some sort of gimmick later in the campaign to lighten the mood.

"I'm just bringing up issues that are important to students and problems that I think haven't been addressed," Gural said. "As representatives we should actively be determining what students concerns are." She added this is currently not the case.

Gural has put forth three main goals for her campaign which include improvements to current campus services offered to students and changes to the direction of services offered in the future.

Specifically, Gural said she is targeting the employment services offered at Western, food costs and changes to the University Community Centre's hours of operation.

Gural said she wants to strengthen the role of the University Students' Council in its relation to employment services. "I want to ensure that students have access to the latest services."

One of the problems she sees is with the Internet Job Café, a service currently run by employment services. "Right now with the Internet Café everyone has access to it," she said, adding she would like to see the availability of this and other services restricted to the use of Western students and alumni.

However, this is not the only café Gural believes could use some improvements, noting the cost of food in Western's cafeterias.

"They have a monopoly," she said. "I'm appalled that the prices are so high."

In addition to seeing the need for improvements to food services prices, Gural would also like to see a cheap fax service developed for students to send out resumés. Students now have to rely on InPrint, which Gural said can get very expensive when students are sending out hundreds of resumés at a time.

If elected USC president, Gural would keep the UCC open 24 hours. "I want to see an all-night study area [at Western] – other universities do."

She argued since the building is owned by students it should be open to students no matter what time it is.

Gural feels it is important for a USC president to have the ability to oversee the day-to-day operations of the USC and the flexibility to take on new initiatives."I feel that I am able to take on these responsibilities," she explained. "I'm informed and I get things done because of that. I'm informed in what student concerns are and try to deal with [them]."

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