Volume 90, Issue 72

Friday, January 31, 1997

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Western Arts gets a fine tuning

"Have you had your arts today?" That question is this year's theme for the University Students' Council's annual Fine Arts Festival which runs from Feb. 3 - 9.

Headed this year by fine arts commissioner Christine Taylor, the festival hopes to bring the artistic side of university life a little closer to the student body.

"Personally I feel there is a lack of awareness of the arts at Western," Taylor says. "By holding this festival we hope to give the arts community a chance to show off some off this school's talent."

A variety of activities are planned including some musical events such as a battle of the bands, a jazz night, a concert by the University Symphony Orchestra, daily performances in the University Community Centre's atrium and at The Wave and the sounds of Great Big Sea filling The Spoke.

Fans of drama and the theatre will be enticed by the week-long performance of the thriller/comedy The Zombie and the entertainment of a local campus improv group.

"Our goal is diversity. We hope by offering such a wide range of events we will be able reach out to a broader student audience," Taylor said. "We hope that students come and see that hidden within the heart of our school is a thriving arts community."

–Mike Sikorski

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