Volume 90, Issue 72

Friday, January 31, 1997

big stick


Injury of the week

NAME: Heather Brand
SPORT: Shot Put
INJURY: Struck by shot put
HEALING TIME: 2 days minimum


Heather Brand, a second-year applied sciences student, is a member of the Western shot-putting unit – one of the best in the province. Brand and her teammates were working on competition throws in preparation for this weekend's Purple and White track and field meet when she heard someone scream "look out!" A moment later she was struck in the left calf muscle by a 10-pound shot put – launched accidentally by a fellow competitor. After a three-hour wait at the hospital, the medical diagnosis was nothing more than a severe bruise that would put Brand on crutches for at least two days. The shot put team, though somewhat embarrassed, has decided to paint a Western logo on the bruise to help inspire the team this weekend.

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