Volume 90, Issue 84

Wednesday, March 05, 1997

Yo's baby


EDITORIAL: Monkey see, monkey do

One of the last bastions of university civility may be falling by the wayside. The University Students' Council, which in the past has preferred (and rightly so) to use words and ideas over protests to effect change may dabble in the waters of public demonstrations should council decide tonight that is the route to take.

The USC may be suffering from a case of sit-in fever which has affected a number of universities around the province. Crossing the line of protest to civil disobedience the majority of these schools have found their efforts less than fruitful.

In fact, the majority of these protesters have become objects of derision – from sitting in offices to writing letters to Cuba to enlist support for their cause.

Ideally Western's students' council will see the success of rational communications which include suggestions for change (see the Canadian Alliance of Students' Associations platform and the recently-released federal budget) and you will realize that might doesn't always make right.

But in case they get overwhelmed with visions of placards dancing through their heads, we'd like to offer the councillors some suggestions to help create a solid turnout from a traditionally apathetic school.

Free hot dogs – Everyone loves food and it is getting near the end of the year and those OSAP checks may be running out. Hey, it worked for Ryan Parks.

Have a Jeep dealership set up a display next to the protest site – OK, this may be perpetuating a stereotype or two but the interest should at least make the turnout look good.

Play on Western's lineup mentality – Wherever there's a lineup on campus students seem to flock to it. Have various councillors stand in a line and watch the crowd form. Then before they know what's happening... Wham! Hit them with a protest.

Occupy the presidents' office on a Thursday – Paul Davenport's got a pretty big office and placing signs saying "Friends episode on here" is sure to get people moving in the right direction.

Come to their senses – Just entertaining the thought of a protest is embarrassing enough. Stay the current course because the results are plain to see. And logic, not volume, is the most-effective tool.

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