Volume 90, Issue 84

Wednesday, March 05, 1997

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Rah! Go Western, Yippee

Re: Lack of attendance at Mustang games

To the Editor:

On Feb. 19, while in attendance at the men's basketball game at Alumni Hall, I was witness to a truly disappointing event. Although we won the game, I am sad to report that our fans were blatantly out-cheered and almost outnumbered by the group of Waterloo fans who made the trip down to show their support. We were left with a shred of respect though, thanks solely to the presence of the spirited Western cheerleaders and marching band, who have helped break the scary silences that are common at all Mustang home games. (The presence of the cheerleaders apparently went unnoticed as well, judging by the lacklustre applause they drew after displaying their championship form at time-outs.)

This season's long trend of crumby fan attendance was obvious from the insanely low football turnouts and has continued throughout the year. Why is that no one seems to care about athletics at this university? Is it for lack of interest or possibly a publicity problem?

I know this, it surely is not for lack of success or due to the quality of play because both, I can assure you, are tremendous. I understand that not all students are sports fans and I also recognize the fact that an NCAA-like turnout is not realistic, however, at a school of this size I would never have imagined that we would be out-supported at our own home games!

Come on Western, show your school colours and come out and support a Mustang team. You might just be more than a little surprised at what you are missing.

Ian Armour
Biology III

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