Volume 90, Issue 84

Wednesday, March 05, 1997

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Retail Biz Club messes up Fine Arts Festival venue

Re: Fine Arts Festival event

To the Editor:

I was somehow disappointed by the sudden cancellation without prior notice to performers of one of the Fine Arts Festival events, the coffee house held by the Retail Business Club at Delaware Hall .

A couple of my friends and I were some of the performers for the Coffee House. We were so excited by the idea of having a forum for artistic exchange that we started practicing a week prior to the event. Much anticipation was shown when we saw the colourful flyers advertising a promising night of fine arts presentation. We seemed to show more enthusiasm in promoting this event by telling anybody whom we knew or passed by to be sure to come to the show.

The reason for cancellation proves most ridiculous and was an irresponsible excuse to me – the fact that only two groups of performers showed up (my friends and I) and had an insufficient audience to support the event forced the performance to be delayed until the beginning of March. This was what we were told by the representatives of the Retail Business Club. Aren't they supposed to be at least knowledgeable for organizing and promoting an event? Shouldn't they know better than others the proper way to handle a problem and not make unreasonable excuses to lay the responsibility on someone else's shoulders? What is worse is that no apologies were given to any one of our performers even though we went there all dressed up and prepared to contribute to the event. What we were given in exchange were cold, blank stares and responses from some of the technicians unhooking the stereo wires.

Though the coffee house might not be considered a total business-thing, being a non-profit project, I personally think business ethics should be applied regarding this matter on the part of the Retail Business Club.

Adelina Lamieras
Social Science I

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