Volume 90, Issue 85

Thursday, March 06, 1997



Student sit-ins worthy

Re: Enlisting Cuba, Protesters seek support for sit-in, Feb. 18

To the Editor:

I disagree with the Feb. 18 editorial on the recent student sit-ins at York, Toronto and Guelph. The article implied that students would be wiser to direct their protests at the government rather than at the university presidents' offices. Why should those students not be angry at their school administrations? Did their administrations do anything to try to stop the tuition increases? The officials of a university are a student's closest link to the government. While they have no direct say in the government's policies, a cabinet minister will be more likely to listen to them than to any student.

I think the students who participated in the sit-ins recently wanted to express the fervor that their school administrations should have shown against the tuition increases.

James Tait
Honours Chemistry III

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