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Thursday, March 06, 1997




Sharing is fun

The federal government is looking into ways to better slice the pie of taxpayer dollars.

At 4 p.m. in the Social Science Centre, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Dianne Cunningham will discuss changes in fiscal relations between federal and provincial government, said David Fowler, spokesman for the Ministry.

"Ontario supports the program of equalization and contributes $3.6 billion to it," Fowler said. The program of equalization involves the wealthier provinces contributing money to the federal government, which in turn distributes that money to all provinces equally.

"Outside of that the federal government provides money for labour market training," Fowler said. "We feel Ontario should receive funds which reflect the higher population and greater number of unemployed citizens of the province."

–Jeff Badger

Nouveau gouvernement

Essex Hall will have a new look and so will its student council.

"It's a new building and this is an opportunity to try a new structure to create a better atmosphere between staff and students," said Sean Martin, vice-chair of university committee on student housing.

In addition to a chair, the association will have a head of finance, an orientation officer and four committee co-chairs who will be paired with members of the residence staff, Martin said. "They will be more closely linked to staff."

There will likely be 12 floor representatives in the residence, Martin said, adding the final structure will not be determined until the fall. "The residence association is a new way to strengthen student representation in residence."

The four committees will be an academic, athletics and health, news and communications and social events.

Martin said application forms for one of the seven spots on the association will be made available tomorrow for one week and prospective candidates should have some previous leadership experience.

–Kevin Gale

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